What is a car ownership program?
Car ownership programs provide opportunities for low wage workers and others who meet their program requirements to get a used, or in some cases new, vehicle.

How do car ownership programs help me acquire a vehicle?
There are three primary types of car ownership programs. Some programs acquire used vehicles and distribute them to low income families; some make loans (many with special terms and or discounted rates) available to help individuals with credit challenges purchase a vehicle; others help individuals save for a vehicle through matched savings programs.

Am I eligible to receive assistance from a car ownership program?
Each program may have differing eligibility requirements. Please contact the programs in your area to find out if you are eligible to participate in their program.

Where are the programs located?
Programs are located across the country, with higher concentrations in the midwest, eastern, and southern states. To find the programs in your area, go to “Find a Program” and enter your zip code.