Working Cars for Working Families

A safe and reliable car is essential to the success of most working families.  Child care, jobs, groceries, medical appointments, and so many other everyday tasks are often out of reach for families without a car.  Yet, buying, financing, and keeping a reliable car is fraught with dangers for everyone and simply not possible for some families.

Working Cars for Working Families is fighting to ensure that families get a fair deal when buying and financing a car and that the lack of a car does not stand in the way of families’ ability to become economically successful.  We seek to bring about policy reform to bring transparency and fairness to the markets for used cars and car finance. We also promote policy and practice solutions to help non-profit ownership programs that help struggling families get a car.


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Find a program that helps low-income families get a car if you need a car or want to donate one.

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The struggle to ensure that working families can get and keep a reliable car at fair terms is going on everywhere.

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Find out about opportunities for you to join the fight to ensure working families can get and keep a reliable car at fair terms.

Participating Organizations

Group comments to the CFPB re: defining larger participants in auto financing, Dec. 8, 2014.

Consumer Groups Applaud the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Efforts to Provide More Oversight of Abusive Auto Lending, Sept. 2014

Group letter to the FTC petitioning enforcement action against CarMax for deceptive ads and sales practices, June 2014.

Group comments to the U.S. Treasury's Federal Insurance Office supporting collecting data on access and affordability of auto insurance for low-income drivers, June 2014.

How a car ownership program changed a life

Shifting into Gear: A Revised Guide to Creating or Improving a Car Ownership Program
Press Release

Group comments to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration re: its 2014-2018 strategic plan (odometer fraud)

CFPB to Crack Down on Race-Based Auto Loans
Press Release: CFPB to Hold Auto Lenders Accountable for Discrimination in Auto Lending

Group Opposes FTC Used Car rule 
Consumer groups submitted comments to the FTC

Update Auto Warranty Act
Group comments to the Federal Trade Commission on the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Review on auto warranties a and defects